Giving Your Kitchen a Summer Design

Commercial kitchens are not designed like household kitchens. In the restaurant and food service industry, commercial kitchen designs must make way to efficient service to deliver sufficient volume of quality goods. In summer, there should be certain changes in event catering not just to improve services but also to save energy and cut costs.

The kitchen’s HVAC system must adjust well to the climate. Focus on equipping the kitchen proper ventilation to reduce heat gains due to food preparation and the volume of people inside the kitchen. Airflow should be balanced between non-smoking and smoking areas of the kitchen. Proper insulation must be observed to prevent external heat from radiating into the kitchen space. Whenever possible, choose energy-saving appliances.

One thing that you should consider in commercial deep fat fryer is the type of service that the kitchen caters to. Is the commercial kitchen part of a fast food restaurant, cafeteria or fine dining cuisine? When renovating or adding any major changes, see to it that no design element obstructs the workflow in the kitchen. Kitchens need to be hygienic as much as possible to avoid cross contamination. Dishwashing operations should have a proper distance from food preparation. Lastly, the kitchen design should not grant entry people who have no business in food preparation. Delivery boys, for example, shouldn’t need to pass through kitchen to access goods check-in or bulk storage area.